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Bitcoin – The Blockchain

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If we pay for a purchase with 50€, how does the seller ensure that the banknote is not a copy? A forger could use a similar paper and a similar ink getting an almost identical copy, but analyzing the banknote or using a false banknote detection system ,we could know with total security if it is original. And, in the… Read more »

Bitcoin – The Beginning

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In November 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a scientific article in the Cyrptography Mailing List, revealing his invention, Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency. An open source system that allows exchanging virtual currencies without any type of control by governments or entities and with a record of public and irreversible exchange. The latter is very important and distinguishes Bitcoin from Fiat money, where… Read more »

Cryptocurrencies, What are?

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At present the volume of operations of these currencies is of billions of euros every day. Forbes magazine, this week has published the first ranking of the richest people in the world, basing their fortune on Cryptocurrencies, the Chryto Rich list, but what are these coins really? Continue reading this article and I’ll try to explain it easily. Any other… Read more »